Send by Flutterwave Review

In an increasingly interconnected world, the need for seamless and efficient cross-border money transfer services is more significant than ever. Bridging this financial gap, Send by Flutterwave has emerged as an innovative and user-centric solution that simplifies the process of sending money home and abroad. This comprehensive review examines the distinct features of this service, which has been causing ripples in the fintech world.

‘Send’ is a product of Flutterwave, which is a fintech company that provides a payment infrastructure for global merchants and payment service providers across the continent of Africa. It simplifies the process of doing business in Africa by ensuring seamless and secure transactions between merchants and customers.

Send is available in over 28 countries including the United States of America.

Primarily, Send by Flutterwave sets itself apart with its wide-ranging versatility. This platform supports a broad selection of currencies and covers numerous countries worldwide, including many in Africa, which historically have had limited options for receiving international funds. However, the service is not limited to just broad coverage; it excels in providing users with a multitude of payment options. Alongside the standard debit and credit card methods, ‘Send’ allows payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfers for customers residing in Nigeria. It’s rare to see such an inclusive variety of options in a single platform, which truly showcases Flutterwave’s commitment to customer convenience.

Furthermore, ‘Send’ ensures a smooth user experience with its straightforward process for initiating transfers. Whether sending to a USD Cash Pick-Up location or a USD domiciliary account in Nigeria, the sender simply needs to input essential details such as the recipient’s full name, contact information, address, and the reason for transfer. The process is intuitive and user-friendly, making ‘Send’ an accessible platform for users of all technical abilities.

A standout feature of ‘Send’ is the ability to send money to USD domiciliary accounts in Nigeria, a feature not commonly found in many money transfer services. This capability adds an extra layer of convenience for recipients in Nigeria, and it’s a testament to the thoughtful design of ‘Send’. They’ve ensured this process is secure and fast, promising fund delivery within 24 hours. With a maximum transfer limit of USD 10,000 per transaction, ‘Send’ caters to both small and large transfers, thereby suiting various user requirements.

In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) laws, ‘Send’ has implemented robust transaction safety measures. Transfers above USD 2,000 may require extra verification, indicating a strong commitment to secure transactions. They also show a level of transparency not always seen in the industry by informing users of the potential for funds to be rounded to the nearest dollar due to CBN regulations.

The platform’s user-centric design extends to their payment methods. Users have the flexibility to make payments using multiple options including debit or credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and bank transfer (for Nigerian residents). The inclusion of mobile payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay emphasizes Flutterwave’s focus on making the process as effortless as possible. Importantly, each payment method has a clear, step-by-step guide provided, ensuring users understand the process.

One of the compelling features of ‘Send’ by Flutterwave is the absence of hidden charges. They assure that no extra fees will be applied when paying for transactions, whether through Google Pay, Apple Pay, or debit/credit cards. While it’s essential to note that card transactions in a currency different from the sending currency might attract a small processing fee, ‘Send’ is transparent about this potential charge.

In terms of managing cards, ‘Send’ offers a save function, which eliminates the need to input card details for each transaction. Not only that, but users also have the option to delete any saved card anytime, providing control and ease-of-mind over stored data.

Moreover, ‘Send’ stands out with its customer-focused transaction procedures. For instance, when using the ‘Pay with Bank Transfer’ option, ‘Send’ generates a unique bank account number for the user. All the user has to do is make the payment using their preferred account, making it a user-friendly and straightforward procedure. The user is even given control over the transaction by having a dedicated ‘I have made payment’ button, which communicates to ‘Send’ to process the transaction. It is this attention to detail and customer control that sets ‘Send’ apart from many other money transfer services.

In a world increasingly reliant on mobile payments, ‘Send’ hasn’t missed a beat. Their inclusion of mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay ensures that customers can initiate transactions wherever they are, and whenever they want. These mobile payment options are only available on specific browsers and for iOS users in the case of Apple Pay, but this nonetheless showcases ‘Send’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital payment landscape.


A crucial aspect of any money transfer service is the associated fees, and ‘Send’ by Flutterwave stands out with its simplistic and transparent approach. ‘Send’ charges a flat fee of 1 for every transfer, regardless of the currency you’re sending. This means whether you’re sending money in USD, EUR, GBP, NGN, or any other supported currency, the transaction fee remains consistent at 1 unit of that currency.

For instance, if you’re sending 200 USD to a relative in Nigeria, your total charge would be 201 USD. The same flat fee applies if you’re sending 200 EUR or 200 GBP. The beauty of this structure is its predictability; no matter how often the transfer rates fluctuate, you can always anticipate the exact fee for your transactions.

The implications of this pricing structure are quite significant. For one, it simplifies the process of calculating transaction costs, offering users a hassle-free experience. Secondly, the flat fee model can be particularly cost-effective for larger amounts, providing considerable savings when compared to percentage-based fee structures common in many other platforms.

What are the Limits?

Sending Limits

‘Send’ by Flutterwave offers two tiers of service for its users – Starter (Tier 1) and Power User (Tier 2), each with its respective transfer limits.

A Starter user is limited to sending a maximum of 100 (USD/GBP/EUR) in a single transaction using the debit card, credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay payment method. If using the Bank Transfer payment method, a maximum of 1000 (USD/EUR/GBP) can be sent in a single transaction. A Tier 1 user can perform a maximum of 5 transactions daily.

In contrast, a Power User can send a maximum of 10,000 (USD/GBP/EUR) in a single transaction using the debit card, credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay payment method. With the Bank Transfer payment method, this limit increases to a maximum of 20,000 (USD/GBP/EUR) in a single transaction. A Tier 2 user can send a cumulative total of 20,000 (USD/EUR/GBP) daily and up to 300,000 (USD/EUR/GBP) monthly. Like Tier 1 users, they can also perform a maximum of 5 transactions daily.

Users on Tier 1 (Starter) can upgrade to Tier 2 (Power User) and increase their transfer limit by verifying their identity. This verification process requires users to provide a valid government-issued means of identification. Users can initiate this verification process by navigating to the “Manage Limit” tab in their profile and clicking on the “Increase Limit” button.

Receiving Limits

Send’ by Flutterwave ensures that receiving funds is a smooth and straightforward process for recipients, whether they’re in Nigeria or other parts of the world. However, like many other financial platforms, Flutterwave Send does have certain restrictions in place for the amounts that can be received in a single transaction daily. These limits depend on the method chosen for receiving the funds.

For recipients with a USD domiciliary account, the maximum amount that can be sent in a single transaction daily is 10,000 in USD, GBP, or EUR. This makes this method a suitable choice for substantial transactions, especially for business purposes or large personal transfers.

If your recipients prefer to collect their funds via Cash Pickup, they can receive a maximum of 9,999 in USD or the equivalent in other currencies. This method provides recipients with the flexibility of collecting cash without needing a bank account, making it a popular choice for many users.

‘Send’ by Flutterwave supports transfers to Mobile Money wallets. The limit for these transactions is 5000 GHS or 149,000 KES in a single transaction daily. However, users should bear in mind that Mobile Money wallets themselves have specific funding limits, which may impact the total amount a recipient can receive.

User Reviews

Despite having impressive features, nothing truly verifies the worth of a service like real user reviews. ‘Send’ by Flutterwave has consistently scored highly in user satisfaction, boasting a strong 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, a renowned customer review site. Here’s what some users have had to say about their experience using ‘Send’:

  • Adaptable and Secure: One user praised Send’s exchange rates, fees, speed, and security as the best they have encountered. They noted their wish for more accessible payment methods across African borders, such as mobile money transfer methods in Ghana, due to high fees imposed by banks. The user’s satisfaction, coupled with their feedback for more payment options, showcases ‘Send’s versatility and openness to user suggestions.
  • User-Friendly and Efficient: Another user noted how everything about ‘Send’ is excellent – from its competitive exchange rates to its user interface, and speed of transfer. They also applauded the notifications system and remarked, “Thanks for a great service you’re offering. It’s such a blessing for diaspora remittance for us to support our people back at home.”
  • Fast and Reliable: Yet another user described their experience with ‘Send’ as great, citing its fast and reliable transactions. However, they pointed out that deleting payees on the app could be improved, highlighting that ‘Send’ might not be perfect, but it’s consistently improving based on user feedback.
  • Convenient and Customer-Centric: A user praised the app as a nice and extremely good platform for sending money home. They appreciated the app’s reliability, round-the-clock availability, and prompt customer service, remarking, “Send is the perfect App to use at any time without boredom.”
  • Cost-Effective and Fast: One user described the service as an excellent money transfer agent, pointing out that its charges are relatively lower than other money transfer agents. They also appreciated the competitive exchange rates and excellent speed during transfer operations.
  • Innovative and Dedicated: ‘Send’ was described as an innovative and convenient way to transfer money abroad. The user was impressed by the service’s speed, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. They also appreciated the team’s dedication to assist whenever needed.
  • Prompt and Efficient: Finally, a user admired the speed and efficiency of ‘Send’, saying, “The prompt payment is worthy of emulation because I don’t have to wait through the rigor of verification and account authenticity like other money agents.”

These reviews portray ‘Send’ as a service that genuinely strives to provide an excellent user experience, catering to the diverse needs of its users. Its commitment to customer satisfaction, continual improvement, and innovative features make it a favorite among its users.

Supported Countries

‘Send’ by Flutterwave is truly a global service, extending its financial tentacles across different continents and countries. Its wide reach and inclusivity ensure that you can send and receive money effortlessly, irrespective of your location. With ‘Send’, you can easily support your loved ones, pay for services, or conduct international business transactions. The comprehensive list of supported countries is continually growing, reaffirming Flutterwave’s commitment to making seamless cross-border transactions a reality for all.

Send is available to users in the following countries Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Cyprus, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Nigeria, Nigeria, Portugal, Rwanda, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States.

Sending and receiving methods available per country

CameroonDebit Card, Google PayBank Account, & Mobile Money
EthiopiaBank Account, Mobile Money
EuropeDebit Card, Apple Pay, Google PayBank Account
GhanaDebit Card, Google PayBank Account, & Mobile Money
Ivory CoastDebit Card, Google PayBank Account, & Mobile Money
KenyaDebit Card, Google PayBank Account, & Mobile Money
NigeriaDebit Card, Bank Transfer, Google PayBank Account, Cash Pickup & eNaira
South AfricaDebit Card, Google PayBank Account
UgandaDebit Card, Google Pay
United KingdomDebit Card, Apple Pay, Google PayBank Account
United States of AmericaDebit Card, Apple Pay, Google PayBank Account

How to Create a Send Account

You may be wondering how to get started with Send. Before you can start enjoying the many benefits and seamless transactions that ‘Send’ offers, you’ll need to create an account. Luckily, the process is straightforward, whether you prefer to operate via web or mobile. ‘Send’ is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and their app can be easily downloaded from your respective app store. It is also available on the web.

Creating a ‘Send’ account requires either your email address or your Google or Apple ID. If you opt to use your email address, ‘Send’ will dispatch a magic link to your inbox that prompts you to log in. It’s essential to remember to use your real name and date of birth, precisely as they appear on your valid means of ID, when creating a ‘Send’ account. This helps to secure your account and ensure a smooth verification process when you need to increase your transfer limit. Start your journey to stress-free international transfers by creating a ‘Send’ account today.

Click here to visit the Send website.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to customer data management, ‘Send’ by Flutterwave has shown great responsibility. Users can save their card details for quicker future transactions, but in the interest of security and control, ‘Send’ allows the deletion of saved card details anytime. To delete a saved card, the user navigates to their profile and clicks on ‘Payment Methods’. From there, they can easily delete any card they no longer want to have stored. This user control over data reinforces ‘Send’s commitment to user security and privacy.

Overall, ‘Send’ by Flutterwave, with its intuitive design, multiple payment options, commitment to user control and security, and quick processing times, is a reliable and efficient platform for international money transfers. It may have minor limitations, but it excels in the areas that matter most to users. Its focus on transparency and convenience makes it a frontrunner in the ever-growing fintech industry.

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