Malta Digital Nomad Visa – Everything you need to know

Malta digital nomad visa: The pandemic has expanded the idea of working remotely during the past three years, which has increased the number of digital nomads. Nations around the world began introducing digital nomad visa schemes to entice foreigners into their respective economies. As a result of this dramatic rise in the number of foreign remote workers and their economic influence on the nation that they chose to work from the Malta Digital Nomad Visa program was also launched.

Malta located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy), has always been known for its welcoming environment for foreign nationals. Due to the island’s advantageous tax policies, many overseas businesses are established there and although she is a small country, she boasts a cosmopolitan spirit. There are lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants where you may hang out while in Malta and nomads also benefit from coworking and coliving spaces available . It now has 5G coverage over the whole country, making it one of the very few in the world.

It has everything a perfect Island would have, as well as a setting that is friendly to digital nomads such as beautiful sunshine, the greatest seafood, a laid-back lifestyle, and beaches! Malta is the ideal location for remote work and offers it all. So the Malta Digital Nomad Visa may be a good fit for you if your employment agreement permits you to work from home.

Basic Things about Malta you need to know

Population – Over 500, 000 people

Capital – Valletta

Climate – Mediterranean

Official or general language – Maltese and English

Currency – Maltese Lira

When was the Malta digital Nomad visa launched

Since its introduction in 2021, the Malta digital nomad visa has allowed you to work for any company registered outside of Malta.

How can you be eligible to apply for the Malta digital Nomad visa

  • You must not be an EU national.
  • You must earn at least €2,700 per month.
  • You must either work for an employer that is registered outside of Malta or be a partner or stakeholder in a business that is registered abroad.
  • You will have to only utilize telecoms technologies when you are in Malta for your job.

Requirements for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

You need the following documents to apply for a Maltese digital nomad visa.

i. Hotel booking

ii. Host invitation – if you are planning to stay over with friends or family members/relatives in Malta

iii. Confirmation by an organized tour operator

iv. Rental agreement

  • Evidence of appropriate financial resources: You must provide a bank statement from the previous six months proving you have the money to maintain yourself while visiting Malta.
  • Health insurance : When you apply for a Maltese visa for digital nomads, you must show proof of health insurance that is current for the duration of your full stay.
  • Marriage status: If you’re married or in a committed partnership, bring a copy of your marriage license, your lease, or proof of a joint bank account.
  • Health declaration: Submit medical records that attest to your healthy health.

Malta digital nomad visa application process

You must follow the steps below to apply for a Malta digital nomad visa:

  • Prepare the necessary paperwork: Gather all the necessary paperwork to reduce the likelihood that your digital visa will be rejected.
  • Online application submission: Your visa application must be sent to the Residency Malta Agency through email. The Agency will then let you know via email if your application was accepted.
  • When you arrive in Malta, obtain your residency permit: After receiving approval for your application for a Malta digital nomad visa, you must fly to Malta to pick up your residence permit. You must personally appear at the Identity Malta Agency office with your passport, proof of health insurance, housing documentation, and background check.

How Long Is The Malta Digital Nomad Visa Valid For?

The Malta digital nomad visa is valid for a year.

How long does it take to get the Malta digital Nomad visa

The processing of your Malta digital nomad visa could take up to one month or less. Depending on the country, the season, or whether you need to submit more paperwork, the processing time may vary.

How Much Is The Malta Digital Nomad Visa Fee?

Each candidate must pay €300 as part of the application process for a visa for digital nomads. You will also have to pay an additional €300 for Premium Processing of the visa in advance if you are a citizen of a country that requires a visa to enter Malta.

Recommended places to live in Malta as a digital nomad

Valletta: The majority of digital nomads travel to Valletta, the capital of Malta. You may locate roughly three coworking spaces in Valletta and take in the city’s lovely, historically significant architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts stunning architecture, quaint cafes, and a vibrant arts scene, providing an inspiring backdrop for remote work. Its central location on the island allows easy exploration of Malta’s beaches, picturesque towns, and cultural attractions, making it an ideal haven for digital nomads seeking an enriching Mediterranean experience.

Mosta: You can simply get around and get everything you need in Mosta, from supermarkets to dining establishments and cafes that are suitable for the workplace.

Victoria: With its rich historical sites, stunning landscapes, and close-knit community, Victoria provides an idyllic and inspiring setting for digital nomads looking to immerse themselves in Maltese culture and nature while maintaining a dynamic remote work lifestyle.

Zurrieq: Known for its stunning Blue Grotto sea caves and picturesque countryside, Zurrieq provides an ideal escape from bustling city life and gives the advantage of having proximity to the sea in Malta’s oldest city.

Digital nomad life in Malta

Accommodation: Living the digital nomad lifestyle in Malta offers a wide variety of lodging possibilities. There are options to suit different budgets and preferences, including co-living spaces, short-term rentals, and serviced flats. Hostels, all-inclusive hotels, holiday rentals, and luxury resorts.

Mobility: With a land size of just 316 square kilometers, there aren’t many lengthy journeys to make once you get there. Due to the island’s excellent road system and quick transit services that link all sections of the island, bus trips rarely last longer than 30 minutes.

Food: With an abundance of superb vegetables, a sea teeming with delicious seafood, and centuries-old recipes, food and drink are at the core of Maltese culture. It follows that Malta boasts some of the most wonderful cuisine in the entire globe. In Malta, there’s always something new to take in, whether it’s a quick snack, a gourmet extravaganza, or a comprehensive exploration of some incredible regional food.

Coworking Spaces in Malta

Coworking spaces cater to a variety of digital nomads and offer networking opportunities, social gatherings, and business guidance. Malta has everything you’re looking for, whether it’s an office accessible to public transportation, a 24/7 access to work environments, or a tech hub.

Some of the most popular coworking spaces are;

  • The HUB Workspace in San Gwann
  • Grand Central in Valletta
  • Regus in Saint Julian’s and Swatar
  • SOHO Office in Saint Julian’s
  • BusinessLabs in Birkirkara

Activities you should not miss out on

Beaches: Malta offers every kind of swimming area imaginable, including jagged cliffs, rare red sand beaches, and golden sandy beaches. It also has several Blue Flag Beaches, which are known for their exceptional water quality, open amenities, accessible services, and environmentally friendly practices. You can swim in the clear waters at any time of year thanks to Malta’s broad connectivity and welcoming surroundings.

Nightlife: With its extensive and diverse selection of bars, clubs, casinos, theaters, and restaurants, Malta’s nightlife can satisfy even the most sophisticated visitors.

What Are The Financial Requirements For The Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

Applicant must reach a gross monthly income threshold of EUR 2,700

Do digital nomads pay taxes in Malta

Since you must pay taxes in your home nation, digital nomads are exempt from paying taxes in Malta. However, you must provide the required documentation to show that you are paying taxes.

VAT in Malta

Malta’s basic VAT rate in 2023 is 18%, however some other taxable products and services are subject to a reduced VAT of 7%.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Malta

Due to the fact that a family of four’s projected monthly costs without rent are 3,181.9$ (2,867.5€) and a single person’s estimated monthly costs are 876.4$ (789.9€), respectively, the cost of living in Malta is, on average, 18.8% lower than that of the United States.

What Is The Internet like

In Malta, public Wi-Fi hotspots are widely available, ensuring that you have access to the internet anytime you need it. Internet service there is generally good but can be more expensive than in other European nations.

Can the Malta digital Nomad visa be extended

The Malta digital nomad visa is valid for a year. However, you can apply to extend your visa if you are still eligible to do so. You can extend your digital nomad visa before it expires at the Residency Malta Agency


There you have it then…. We have made an effort to provide you with information on Malta and its new program for nomad residence. If you’re an adventurous nomad looking for a dynamic and flexible work-life balance, the Malta Digital Nomad visa is a gold mine. Malta’s innovative immigration policy is a tribute to the island nation’s dedication to innovation and inclusivity as the world adjusts to a fast changing labor market. It is therefore safe to pack your laptop and start your trip to Malta after you have followed the aforementioned instructions.

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